Our company philosophy is to introduce technology that will assist the conversion of the world economy to a sustainable future. The hydroelectric system that is now being introduced by Aquanovis is predicated on producing the cheapest electricity while minimising its environmental impact. Profitability is essential, but not at the expense of environmental degradation. We also believe that local stake-holders, such as indigenous communities, consumers and local government must always benefit from any installation that we build.

Aquanovis Limited is incorporated in England. The company has an office in Spain and is opening a new office in the USA in 2017. Special Purpose Vehicles [SPVs] (subsidiaries) are used for each and every installation location. The SPVs allow Aquanovis to make unique deals with land owners, water owners, investors and other stake-holders (for example indigenous communities) at each site.

Each site has the capability to support two other essential pillars of development; namely water purification and telecommunications transmission. This is especially important in developing countries and remote rural or mountainous regions.

Aquanovis invites land and water resource owners that control sites that might be candidates for its technology to contact us. We are especially interested to help national parks and protected natural areas to develop a revenue stream from our technology.

Aquanovis is a member of:

National Hydropower Association

Alliance for Rural Electrification