GIS Prospecting: Regional

Geographical Information Systems [GIS]

Aquanovis uses GIS techniques to prospect for candidate hydroelectric sites. The software was first deployed in Scotland in 2015.

The first level of results is a regional map showing discovered and filtered sites, represented as coloured dots.


Sites on this regional map can only be constructed using Aquanovis technology.

A wide range of different filters can be applied during software processing.

Aquanovis Model Innovations

Ignores topography on penstock route.

Drag-and-drop function.

New filters.

Regional Prospecting
Example (South Scotland)

GIS Prospecting: Site Design

GIS Prospecting: Site Design

The Second level of results allows the user to analyse local maps inside each dot on the regional map, in turn.

GIS Site Output

These candidate site designs were suggested by the GIS software on a first-pass.

The software calculates various parameters and iterations to assess feasibility, (such as head, water extraction, penstock length and power etc.).

Aquanovis GIS looks for direct drilling routes. Conventional models follow river route.


Aquanovis created a drag-and-drop tool to optimise water intake and output locations and then re-analyse the site.

All parameters can be changed, e.g. power output, capacity factor (and thus water extraction).

Iteration optimises design.

Site Prospecting